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Fundraising Coupon Card Contract

This Fundraising Coupon Card Contract ("Contract") is entered into between Byron Football, hereinafter referred to as the "Charitable Organization," and dZineHQ, hereinafter referred to as the "Promotional Company," collectively referred to as the "Parties."



a. The Charitable Organization wishes to obtain fundraising coupon cards from the Promotional Company to support its fundraising efforts.

  1. b. The Promotional Company agrees to provide fundraising coupon cards to the Charitable Organization, for distribution to its customers or supporters.


Fundraising Coupon Cards:

a. The Promotional Company shall produce and provide 4,000 fundraising coupon cards to the Charitable Organization.

  1. b. The coupon cards shall contain discounts, deals, or special offers from various participating businesses, as agreed upon between the Promotional Company and the Charitable Organization.


Distribution and Usage:

a. The Charitable Organization agrees to distribute the fundraising coupon cards to its customers, supporters, or target audience as part of its fundraising campaign.

  1. b. The Charitable Organization shall ensure that the coupon cards are used in compliance with the terms and conditions specified by each participating business.


Compensation and Fees:

a. The Charitable Organization shall pay the Promotional Company a mutually agreed-upon fee or percentage of the funds raised through the use of the coupon cards.

  1. b. The fee structure and payment terms shall be detailed in a separate agreement or addendum.


Promotion and Marketing:

a. The Promotional Company shall provide marketing materials, such as posters, brochures, or digital assets, to the Charitable Organization to assist in promoting the fundraising coupon cards.

  1. b. The Charitable Organization agrees to actively promote and market the coupon cards through its marketing channels, such as social media, website, and physical locations.


Reporting and Tracking:

a. The Promotional Company shall provide the Charitable Organization with periodic reports detailing the usage and effectiveness of the coupon cards, if participating businesses agree to tracking, including redemption rates and customer feedback.

b. The Charitable Organization agrees to cooperate with the Promotional Company in providing any necessary information or data to facilitate accurate reporting.


Intellectual Property:

a. The Parties acknowledge that any intellectual property rights associated with the fundraising coupon cards, including designs and trademarks, shall remain the property of the Promotional Company.

  1. b. The Charitable Organization agrees not to reproduce, modify, or use the coupon cards for any purposes other than the fundraising campaign without prior written consent from the Promotional Company.



  1. Both Parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information shared during the course of this Contract.



  1. Either Party may terminate this Contract by providing 30-day written notice to the other party, prior to the printing of fundraising materials for the current campaign.


Governing Law:

  1. This Contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota.


Entire Agreement:

  1. This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes any prior oral or written agreements.


By signing below, the Parties acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Fundraising Coupon Card Contract.

Charitable Organization:

Thank you for signing, we will get right on it!

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