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Welcome to dZineHQ!

Where promotional solutions
for your small business
is our passion.

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Promotional Solutions

Offering a wide array of items to promote you and your brand. We are committed to solving the merchandise issues that small businesses run into everyday.

Our innovative merchandising model efficiently helps increase your brand recognition - with support, supplies, and wholesale products. 

In addition, take advantage of our direct to consumer sales platform to take the hassle of keeping track of your own ecommerce site out of the mix.

How dZineHQ adds value to your business

Apparel and print options

The sky is the limit to what apparel and merch we offer. If it can be printed on to, you can get it.

dZineHQ is focused on customized, branded apparel to provide an extra revenue stream. Form a  loyal customer base to support their favorite business while providing a great apparel.

Every shirt, sweater, and hat that leaves our production area has your logo on it in addition to a fun, original design that was made by our team of artists.

1. T-shirts

T-shirts are the bread and butter, everyone wears shirts, why shouldn't they wear yours and look good doing it?

3. Tank Tops

Add variety to your t-shirt options by offering your apparel as tank tops, no sleeve, or long sleeve.

5. Hats

Its hard to imagine a world without hats, its even harder to imagine not offering branded hats to your customers!

2. Hoodies

A quality hoodie is a surefire way to have your customers always showing off your business. Stay warm and fresh.

4. Onesies

Even the babies can join in! Who says only mom and dad are the only ones to look good in some new merch??

6. and much more...

New clothing options are being added to the offering all the time, keep an eye on the store for new choices!


How the dZineHQ process works

You display some samples in your store, we take care of inventory and production.

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